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Successful right from the start. Also in the second generation! 

About us

For more than half a century now, the company G. Wurm, based in Cologne - the city of millions in the heart of Europe - has been selling its products to various customer groups in the retail trade. In addition to classic retailers, e-commerce customers and even multi-channel providers have come to appreciate and love our philosophy. (100% customer orientation, market-leading prices & incredible product selection).
With its almost 60 permanent employees as well as 35 seasonal temporary staff in the company and at national trade fairs, the company handles an import volume of approx. 1000 containers per year from the Asian region. It is clear that to this day the ship is still the No. 1 in the worldwide transport of goods with about 98% of the total volume. We also use this competitive advantage to transport our goods to Germany at low cost

On the market for 60 years

For almost 60 years, the company G. Wurm GmbH + Co KG has been an internationally operating wholesale and foreign trade company as well as importer of modern gift articles and home accessories from the Far East. Located in Cologne Rath-Heumar, in the beautiful city on the Rhine, the spatial conditions always invite you to visit the Wurm company.
In addition to selling on the phone, at our trade fairs and with our catalogue, we successfully sell our goods in B2B online trade.

6.500 articles in assortment

Simple purchase on account

over 60 years of experience

10.000 satisfied customers

Exclusively for business customers

Private label and special productions

From Cologne to the whole world

Based on our history, Asia is particularly close to the company's heart. It is not only a very good business relationship with the suppliers, but also a deep friendship with the manufacturing companies from the Far East, which has grown over the years and gives a considerable competitive advantage to all participants in the value chain.

Rising growth rates and a steady expansion of the customer structure are the result of permanent strategic company adjustments to macroeconomic factors.

The goods are then stored on almost 15,000 m² of warehouse space, enabling the company to react and deliver extremely quickly, even in the peak season, thanks to above-average stock levels. Especially due to the strong internationalisation with an export share of more than 50% and a sustainable customer structure, the company is very well positioned in the B2B gifts and decoration sector.

We would like to thank our customers and partners for their decades of loyalty to us and will remain an efficient and fair business partner in the future.

Our Vision

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

As a family-run enterprise with many years of experience in the B2B sector – the classic wholesale trade and the import of giftware, decorations and fancy goods from the Far East – we have learned one thing above all, which is that customer satisfaction is our top priority.

In addition to our fundamental values, which have carried us through into the second generation, our aim is to be armed for all the challenges and fantastic opportunities which will come our way in the age of digital reform so that our customers can benefit from the new media and the globalization.

Your passion for the products and your love for the gifts and decoration trade are the driving forces which motivate us to be efficient by processing every inquiry and complying with every wish.

With a combination of traditional standards and values and new innovative capabilities, we strive for enthusiasm for the product and the lifestyle.

Our core values are as follows:

  • Value added comes from value demonstrated – unrivaled service for all customers regardless of purchasing volume 
  • Ability to compete through excellent wholesale prices for traders 
  • Loyalty and solidarity – customer retention through outstanding merchandise and commercial offerings
  • Friendliness, care, and attention – proactive approach to solving problems and processing customer inquiries

Our company philosophy is built on these pillars. Our collection is always on trend and up to date, and we are constantly working on the general process chains in the company in order to provide the basis which you need to gain a competitive advantage in the sales market.

It is the versatility in the different potential markets, however, which is the most attractive draw for large corporate clients, the owner-managed retail outlets, and the e-commerce traders.

Besides proprietary designs and private labelling offers, the services that make all the difference and mark us out from our competitors are …are third party businesses and the classic import of goods from our group of more than 250 selected suppliers in the Far East.

The consistent development of new online-based channels for the flow of goods and information is made possible by the permanent investment in our IT infrastructure in order to push the expansion of service-oriented and digital international business. The growing number of satisfied and successful customers encourages us in our commercial dealings and puts a smile on our face.

One thing which always comes to the fore in whatever we do is that we do it together with our employees and our customers as one big family.

You too can be part of this family – we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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