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G.Wurm - A success story

For more than half a century now, the G. Wurm company based in Cologne - the city of millions in the heart of Europe - has been distributing its products to various customer groups in the retail trade. In addition to the classic retail trade, it is now also e-commerce customers or even multi-channel providers who have come to appreciate and love our philosophy.

100% customer focus, market-leading prices & incredible product selection.


Successful right from the start. Also in the second generation!

For over 60 years, G. Wurm GmbH + Co KG has been an internationally active wholesale and foreign trade company as well as an importer of modern gift articles and home accessories from the Far East. Located in Cologne-Gremberghoven, the spatial conditions always invite you to visit Wurm. In addition to sales on the phone, at our trade fairs and with our catalogue, we successfully sell our goods in B2B online trade.
With almost 60 permanent employees and 35 seasonal temporary workers in the company as well as at the national trade fairs, the company handles an import volume of about 1,000 containers a year from the Asian region. It is clear that to this day the ship is still the No. 1 mode of transport for goods worldwide, accounting for about 98% of the total volume. We also use this competitive advantage to transport our goods to Germany at low cost.

Our vision

As a family business with decades of experience in B2B trade, classic wholesale, as well as the import of gift articles and decorative goods from the Far East, we have learned one thing above all: customer satisfaction is our top priority.

In addition to our fundamental values, which have now accompanied us through the second generation, it is our motivation to be optimally prepared for all upcoming challenges and great opportunities in the age of digital change, so that our customers can benefit from the new media and globalisation.

Value creation comes from appreciation

Unique customer service for all customers regardless of purchase volume


Through excellent purchase prices for tradesmen

Loyalty and

Customer loyalty through outstanding merchandise and business offers

and care

Proactive solution finding for customer enquiries

From Cologne to the whole world

Based on our history, Asia is particularly close to our company's heart. It is not only a very good business relationship with the suppliers, but also a deep friendship with the manufacturing companies from the Far East that has grown over the years, which means a considerable competitive advantage for all participants in the value chain.

Rising growth rates and a steady expansion of the customer structure are the result of permanent, strategic corporate adaptation to the macroeconomic influencing factors.

The goods are stored on almost 15,000 m² of warehouse space and enable the company to have extremely short reaction and delivery times, even in the high season, thanks to above-average warehousing.

Due to our strong internationalisation with an export share of over 50% and a sustainable customer structure, we are very well positioned in the wholesale of decorative and gift articles. The area of floristry is not neglected either. For example, we offer a good selection of wholesale dried flowers and candles.

Become part of the Wurm family too

Through continuous investments in our IT infrastructure, we enable our customers to handle all business processes in a modern, digital and smooth manner. The growing number of satisfied and successful customers confirms our actions and puts a smile on our faces.

One thing is always in the foreground: What we create, we create together with our employees and our customers as a big family.

Become a part of this family, we look forward to meeting you!