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Fairy lights wholesale

Fairy lights

String lights not only enhance Christmas trees but also entire indoor and outdoor areas, providing a festive and atmospheric ambiance. Therefore, it is logical that string lights of all kinds enjoy great popularity. In our online shop, you will find a selection of wholesale string lights – exclusively for resellers and dealers.

Discover our wholesale selection of string lights, specifically designed for the Christmas season, including LED string lights and outdoor string lights.
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Led light string 200pcs warm wh ite 150cm
Article number: 10020488 Led light string 200pcs warm wh ite 150cm

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Order versatile fairy lights wholesale

Enhance your offering with our varied Christmas tree light chains. Whether for the Christmas tree or as festive outdoor lighting, our light chains are specifically designed for resale and offer high quality and durability. Our LED light chains and traditional models are available in various lengths and styles, to meet every need.

Maximize your revenue with festive light chains

Our light chains are not only efficient but also decorative and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Perfect for commercial spaces and private events, these lighting options enjoy year-round popularity. Take advantage of the attractive wholesale prices of our decoration wholesaler, to enrich your assortment and boost seasonal sales.

Expanded Variety in Light Chains

  • Light curtains and LED light chains
Complement your lighting offering with our light curtains, ideal for large areas or window decorations. Our energy-efficient LED light chains are available in various colors and lengths and offer durability for every design idea.
  • What are the benefits of LED light chains?
LED light chains offer numerous benefits that make them particularly attractive for wholesale and resale. They are energy-efficient, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to traditional bulbs. LED lights have a longer lifespan, meaning they need to be replaced less frequently. Additionally, they offer improved safety, as they produce less heat and thus reduce the risk of fires. Their flexibility in colors and designs allows for creative and individual lighting solutions.
Cluster light chains create a sparkling ambiance with their dense arrangement of small lights. Additionally, we offer light chains with an integrated timer, which provide convenient handling and energy efficiency by automatically turning on and off.

Indoor & Outdoor Light Chains

Our range of light chains extends from classic models to special lighting elements in our LED lights category such as illuminated trees, lighted branches, and LED hearts. Discover more lighting products in our category Lamps & Lighting and utilize our expertise to enrich your offering!